Focus group notes - Sponsors on the page have to stay...

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Notes and Observations Focus Group on the Product 1 st impression boring old confusing no guidance looks like a power point not captivating get dizzy What they can make better More captivating Interaction Key word highlighted More inspiring to younger generation Links to be more prominent Colors bright red/ yellow/ blue Better design on most pages No clouds 1970 solidifies the record different home page hire some one to redesign too much on pages, break it down out dated design not interactive enough Success Why 2.0? Just training for a link Need a preview of success 2.0 before you would want to buy Corporate Training Make more interactive 18-35 is not corporate level need to be on a individual basis prepare FOR corporate success- for the young generation
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Unformatted text preview: Sponsors on the page have to stay Shopping 1 st impression need to see the products more interactive categorize them better more relevant review sheet on books put products on other links based on corporate and individual basis products are too scattered People Three most popular Jason** Linda* Zig *** Have celebrities/athletes/political leaders sponsor zig Have big companies sponsor Ziglar Message Isn’t clear More technologically advanced Message is old Showing us what they have works, just figure out a way to fit it into the lives of the younger generation Highlight the important parts of the message on the website...
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Focus group notes - Sponsors on the page have to stay...

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