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Your group will create an Industry overview which will be added right after the introduction of your paper. The Industry Overview will discuss what kind of Industry Ziglar Corporation is competing in. You will also mention the Porter's 5 forces and a S.W.O.T. Analysis and its effect on Ziglar corporation. The Industry Overview should be no longer than a page. Ziglar is competing in a very narrow industry of motivational products. There are many motivational speakers in the world, each with their own book, but next to none have products other than their books. Ziglar Corporation competes in an industry that does not offer products the way Ziglar does. Ziglar is competing against other people instead of companies. Ziglar has many products that broaden the section besides books. This is what drives the consumers towards business with Ziglar. Ziglar Corporation is affected in many ways by Porter’s Five Forces. Porter’s Five Forces include: entry of new
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