Research part 5 - Conducting a survey for Zig Ziglar was...

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Conducting a survey for Zig Ziglar was more interesting than expected. This particular surveyed, which was a mix of questions from all groups in the class, had twenty questions ranging from semi- personal questions, demographic questions, and questions regarding Ziglar’s products. The survey was conducted for the main reason of understanding the view of the Ziglar Corporation in the eyes of the younger generation while also getting some regards from a higher generation. All of the data was captured online through the database. It was sent out to the University of Southern Nazarene as an email. Along with this, it was also the students’ (in the classroom) job to get as many people as possible to take the survey. Our class got 235 people to take this survey in just a few short days. In the demographic section, females out weighed males taking the survey with 61% of the people who took this survey. 80% of the 235 people were of the age 18-24, while the rest of the 20% was split in half for the adults ages 25-32 and 33-40. Along with these statistics, 81% of the survey takers were single and not married. 6% were married, 9% were married with children, and 2% were single parents. With seeking help from the younger generation, this next statistic was not at all astounding. 72% of the people were college students. The question on the surveyed “Indicate the highest level of education” was also not surprising that 73% of the people who took the surveyed are currently enrolled in a 4-year degree program. The rest of the question goes as follows: 10% had a bachelor degree, 6% with an Associates or Technical degree, 5% with high school or less, 4% with a Masters, and 3% with a PhD. With these results, it does show good support that we got people to take the survey from all different types of schooling. Since the main purpose of the survey was to get the perspective of the young generation, it is hard to really branch out and get more feedback from other resources (e.g. many colleges/institution in the nation). I believe that if we could branch out even more, we could have gotten results that would have been more clear and accurate in our studies. Currently, 83% of the survey takers were in school as of taking this survey. In the more personal note of the survey, the results were very clear on how students were conducting themselves on a motivational level. With the question of “Indicate your level of interest in motivational products”, 41% of the 235 survey takers said that they were neutral among this discussion. 24% were interested, 9% were very interested which out weighs the other 25% of people who were uninterested to very uninterested. This statistic shows that 1 out of every 4 people are not worried about their motivational success which is an astounding fact among the younger generation. With the question, “Indicate any of the following which you have been involved with”, 34% of the people have read a personal development book which was the most percentage among the answers. 24% have done
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Research part 5 - Conducting a survey for Zig Ziglar was...

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