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Test 3 Review Multiple Choice Justin has always had an intense interest in steam engines. He has one of the largest collections of pictures and facts about steam engines in the Unites States. He decides to share his interest with others by becoming a cybermediary. Of the following choices, which is the best description of what Justin will do as a cybermediary? A) Justin will sell his services to help others organize their own computer programs related to steam engines. B) Justin will market software featuring steam engines. C) Justin will organize a user group online for steam engine enthusiasts. D) Justin will join a user group created by others to get more information about steam engine Mel Howard is determined to make his used car lot a successful business venture. One of the cornerstones of his sales strategy is to make every used car appear as if it just rolled off the assembly line. His cars are clean, clean, clean! Mr. Howard is relying on which of the following signal forms to send a "signal of quality" to his customers? A) demonstration signal B) product signal C) promotional signal D) design signal When Japanese cars first became popular in the United States, some drivers of domestic cars placed bumper stickers on their vehicles that stated "Hungry? Eat your foreign car." These stickers encouraged people to support local workers and keep the balance of trade between Japan and the United States more toward an American advantage. The attitude expressed by the stickers is called ________. A) national inertia B) lexicographic determinism C) stereotyping D) ethnocentrism Latrell finds that every time he goes to select athletic shoes, he always buys the same brand. In fact, he doesn't even remember trying on any of the other competitive brands even though some of these brands have attractive styles and prices. Latrell's purchase decision process has become one of less and less effort. Latrell's decision process is an example of ________. A) cognitive dissonance B) information discrimination C) ineptness D) inertia Chen Lo used a decision rule that says, "only buy well-known brand names" when selecting a set of golf clubs. He did not look at price, the store, or even discounts when purchasing clubs. Chen Lo's purchasing pattern is an example of a consumer using a ________ rule. A) habitual decision rule B) compensatory rule C) noncompensatory rule D) conjunctive rule
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Casinos make their interiors very plush and expensive looking knowing that gamblers who would be reluctant to make a $10 bet in average surroundings would gladly make $100 wagers in luxurious surroundings. Which of the following best explains the gamblers' behavior? A) Mental accounting emphasizes the extraneous characteristics of the choice environment even if the results are not rational.
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Test 3 review - Test 3 Review Multiple Choice Justin has...

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