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Consumer Behavior, 9e (Solomon) Chapter 5 The Self 1) The idea that each human life is unique rather than a part of a group was developed in ________. A) ancient times (between the first and fifth centuries) B) late medieval times (between the eleventh and fifteenth centuries) C) colonial times (between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries) D) modern times (between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries) 2) Many ________ cultures stress the importance of a collective self , in which the person's identity is derived in large measure from his or her social group. A) Eastern B) Northern C) Western D) Southern 3) A Confucian perspective stresses the importance of ________, which focuses on others' perceptions of the self and the desire to maintain status in the eyes of others. A) conformity B) face C) self-esteem D) social comparison 4) "Casual Fridays" in American workplaces encourage the expression of a person's ________, a concept that is not as highly valued in Eastern cultures that stress the importance of a collective self. A) reputational self B) dual self C) cultural self D) unique self 5) The ________ summarizes the beliefs a person holds about his own attributes and how he evaluates the self on these qualities. A) actual self B) extended self C) self-image D) self-concept 6) ________ refers to the positivity of a person's self-concept. A) Social comparison B) Self-esteem C) Self-image D) Self-concept 7) The ideal self is a person's conception of how she ________. A) adapts to play different roles B) imagines others to think of her C) would like to be D) realistically thinks she is 8) Through the process of ________, people try to affect what others think of them by strategically choosing clothing and other products. A) impression management B) self-extension C) self-image congruence D) symbolic self-completion
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9) Consumers who have ________ are particularly good targets for marketing communications that use fantasy appeals. A) self-fulfilling prophecies B) looking-glass selves C) a small gap between their real and ideal selves D) a large gap between their real and ideal selves 10) The Sims Online and Webkinz are both examples of ________, part of the growing market of real-time, interactive virtual worlds. A) avatars B) computer-mediated environments C) role identities D) identity marketing 11) Matthew assumes the virtual identity of Vlad the Conqueror and is able to see himself in an online game as an armored attack robot. This visual identity is called a(n) ________. A) avatar B) extended self C) ideal self D) distorted self-image 12) According to the sociological tradition of ________, relationships with other people play a large part in forming the self.
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Test II Review - Consumer Behavior, 9e (Solomon) Chapter 5...

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