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Group 2: The most wanted man on the planet Answer Questions in Ch 8 of Textbook page: 338 under Discuss: #4, # 5, # 6 4. If people are not always rational decision makers, is it worth the effort to study how they make purchasing decisions? What techniques might marketers employ to understand experiential consumption and to translate this knowledge into marketing strategy? Rational decision makers refer to the rational perspective to understand decision- making. In this view, we calmly and carefully integrate as much information as possible with what we already know about the product, painstakingly weigh the pluses and minuses of each alternative, and make a satisfactory decision. Yes, it is very much so worth studying the effects of people and how they make their purchasing decisions. Techniques they can use a very simple: more advertising. If a person knows more about the product, the more it relates to them, the more they want the product. By advertising
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