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quiz 5 - Webmsumm Quiz 5 Review Of Aflempl 1 Stalled on...

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Unformatted text preview: Webmsumm Quiz 5 Review Of Aflempl 1 Stalled on Friday, June 17, 2011, 10 19 PM Compleled on Friday, June 17, 2011, 10 43 PM Time taken 23 mirs 42 Secs Overdue 3 miris 42 sets Gmde 0 out ota maximum ot100(0%) Humanity’s Ecological Footprint exceeds global biocapacity by approximatety 1 Choose one Marks 103mg 1 10% 2 50% 3 5% 4 100% Marks forms submission: 011 i). 2 According to David L Eodde, a key marketplace barrier unique to hydrogen vehicles is 2 Marks mildlm ”"9 1 Aimilable supplies or ruei 2 Safety. 3 FueLproductioii technology. 4. Air pollution. Marks roriiiis submission: m1 0. According to Kristin ShraderrFrechette, which energy technology Wlii be CDSLCDmDeIIIIVG 3 with all others by 2015 and will cosI only 510 cents per kilowatLhour'I ”3"“ 1"Choose one Q 1 nuclear answer. 2 solar 3 wind. 4 geothemlal Marks roriiiis submission: m1 0. According to lain Murray, which coumry has ttle greatest amount of nuclear waste? 4 Mam: 1nachoosre one 11:11 France ' 2 Ru$ia 3 the United States 4 the United Kingdom Marks forms submission: 0110. According to Krisiin ShraderrFrechette, nuclear wasies pose risks to society because or 5 Mavks 1Dcnoose one Q 1 shipping acciden1s answer 2 radiation exposure 3 release of wastes from storage afler seismic or volcanic activity. is 4 all other answers are right Marks roriiiis submission: m1 0. According to lain Murray, the arguments of anti-nuclear adivists revotve around which of 6 the lollowrng propositions? "‘3'“ 1"Choose one Ctr 1 nuclear power plants are dangerous because they can blow up or answer. meltdown 2 nuclear waste is extremety and persistently dangerous 3 nuclear power and nuclear weapons are intrinsically iinked Li 4 all other answers are rigtit Marks forttiis submission: 011 i). Accordirlg to James R Fleming, many researchers recognize that even the most brilliant 7 Sole 515 have a history of the wider ramifications of their work. ”3"“ 1“Choose one «:1 1.tiyingto understand “we" 2 bllrldnefi to 3 calling irrelevant i; 4 leavingto othersthetask of repairing Marks forttiis submission: 011 i). Accordirlg to James R Fleming, it technological fixes for problems such as global 8 wanning seem possible, the world's citizens and poiiiicai leaders: ”3"“ 1“Choose one C» 1.wi|| be less liketyto take on the task of tackling the roots otthe answer problems {:3 2 will be more likely to take on the task ottackliilgthe roots of the problens 3 will be more eager tor international cooperation or 4 will argue eildlgty over who is in charge otapptying the fixes cAMFus maze-m l Lialulzizs l mom PomAL l cAMFus W l smcn ocsu Enu III: STATE UNIVERSITV moodle.wolh-rare 515 :01 1651) summer l. 2011 Du Quiz 4 Aiiernp Grading met This quiz closed on Tug Summary Of Your Previous Attempts Attempt. Completed 1 Friday, June 10, 2011, 1010PM Your Final Grade For This Quiz ls 82.5 I 99. E Vou are logged in as A STS 302 (65 Mg, [Mannie mlh—e m. Mimi... ”WMWHEW ...
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