Issue 11 - Henry I. Miller and Gregory Conko - YES

Issue 11 - Henry I. Miller and Gregory Conko - YES -...

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View Comments Home News Latest News Europe Is Crazy About (Cloned) Food Europe Is Crazy About (Cloned) Food Monday, 16 August 2010 21:13 Forbes Henry I Miller August 11, 2010 Cloning will make food cheaper, more consistent, nutritious and tasty--if parliamentarians get a grip and start acting rationally. Misconceptions about the physical and biological world can persist long after the science is settled. Benighted inventors regularly propose ways to obtain unlimited energy from perpetual motion machines that violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics, for example, and a group called the Flat Earth Society insisted until at least 2001 that our planet was not round. The Luddites in the European Parliament are in the same category when it comes to many innovative technologies, even when they represent only evolutionary improvements over existing products or processes. The European Parliament called in July for a ban on commercializing foods derived from cloned animals and their offspring. "Although no safety concerns have been identified so far with meat produced from cloned animals, this technique raises serious issues about animal welfare, reduction of biodiversity, as well as ethical concerns," said French parliamentarian Corinne Lepage. Rubbish. After six years of deliberation, in January 2008 the U.S. FDA finally--and rightly--concluded that food from cloned animals is safe and may appropriately be sold and consumed. Evaluations in Europe, Australia and New Zealand have come to the same conclusion about safety and other factors. These decisions were based on voluminous and persuasive scientific data.
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Issue 11 - Henry I. Miller and Gregory Conko - YES -...

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