Chirstof Koch, Giulio Tononi - Yes - Issue 15 -

Chirstof Koch, Giulio Tononi - Yes - Issue 15 - - PHOTO...

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Unformatted text preview: PHOTO: EDGE CITY/UNIVERSAL/THE KOBAL COLLECTION A BETTER TURING TEST Shown this frame from the cult classic Repo Man [top], a conscious machine should be able to home in on the key elements [bottom]—a man w ith a gun, another man w ith raised arms, bottles on shelves—and conclude that it depicts a liquor-store robbery. BIOMEDICAL / IMAGING FEATURE Can Machines Be Conscious? Yes--and a new Turing test might prove it By CHRISTOF KOCH, GIULIO TONONI / JUNE 2008 This is part of IEEE Spectrum's SPECIAL REPORT: THE SINGULARITY Would you sell your soul on eBay? Right now, of course, you can't. But in some quarters it is taken for granted that within a generation, human beings— including you, if you can hang on for another 30 years or so--will have an alternative to death: being a ghost in a machine. You'll be able to upload your mind--your thoughts, memories, and personality--to a computer. And once you've reduced your consciousness to patterns of electrons, others will be able to copy it, edit it, sell it, or pirate it. It might be bundled with other electronic minds. And, of course, it could be deleted. That's quite a scenario, considering that at the moment, nobody really knows exactly what consciousness is. Pressed for a pithy definition, we might call it the ineffable and enigmatic inner life of the mind. But that hardly captures the whirl of thought and sensation that blossoms when you see a loved one after a long absence, hear an exquisite violin solo, or relish an incredible meal. Some of the most brilliant minds in human history have pondered consciousness, and after a few thousand years we still can't say for sure if it is an intangible phenomenon or maybe even a kind of substance different from matter. We know it arises in the brain, but we don't know how or where in the brain. We don't even know if it requires specialized brain cells (or neurons) or some sort of special circuit arrangement of them....
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Chirstof Koch, Giulio Tononi - Yes - Issue 15 - - PHOTO...

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