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Chapter 6 1.) A sponsor might want to conceal his identification with a program if the program is covering a controversial topics, or in certain instances such as political races. The sponsor does not want to single out any section of its customers. 2.) The main advantages of radio and television advertising are that when advertising on them, they are broadcast nationally. They connect to a national network. This gives them significant advantage s to place their message on more than 200 stations, which are strategically located to cover the entire nation. The companies also only have to deal with one single transaction. The control is also centralized ad are able t chose the times and during which programs their commercials are aired. Lastly, the advertiser gains prestige just from advertising on national network. Televisions also allow the advertisers to demonstrate jut he the product works to the consumer. Newspapers and car radios are portable mediums. Radios commercials on average last
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