Overview - Unit 10 "American" Values Unit 10 is very...

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Unit 10 "American" Values Unit 10 is very challenging. We will examine the U.S. American value cluster. We will explore value conflicts and trade-offs. We will put these in the context of American science and technologies. We will try to find what values Americans have in common and are the basis of the U.S. society; which values make up the "American Worldview". We will look at the sources of these values, and how the sources as well as the values relate to each other. Filtering out the values from the various sources and traditions can be challenging for many reasons: 1. Determining the worldview of an entire society involves generalization which may disregard the values of individuals that differ from the "mainstream". In generalizing, one must also be aware of the risk of over simplification and try to avoid it. 2. The outcome of a reasoned evaluation/judgment of a particular issue can be very uncomforting and conflict with what you feel you value. For example, one may value human health, but may actively harm their body by smoking. Be able to distinguish the impulsive first reaction (in this case to say you can't quit smoking because of its inconvenience) from the critical and reflective evaluation (that smoking really does
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Overview - Unit 10 "American" Values Unit 10 is very...

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