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Memorandum___________________________________________________ To: Beryl Pittman From: Jacob Parker Date: May 31, 2009 Subject: Career Assessment I’ve grown up around farming my entire life. When I entered NCSU as a freshman, I felt that Agricultural Business would be the best major for me because it gave me options that I was familiar with. I could have the best of both worlds. I could either work on the farming side, or I could work on the business side. In order to help me make my decision, I’ve decided to research three different businesses and determine what side of the spectrum I’d be most interested in based on which business meets my criteria. The purpose of this memo is to decide which side of the farming field best fits me based on the criterion that are most important to me. Methodology I conducted all of my research on the internet, and I used some of my previous experiences with some of the companies to gauge how I felt about them. Each site that I used produced seemingly valuable information that I could apply to making my decision. Not only did I use other websites to research the companies, but I also looked them up on their own websites to ensure that I covered all the bases. In order to pick a company, I used a set of criteria to evaluate them. I established my criteria easily. Ranking there importance was also easy. I based the rank of my four criteria on what I felt would best serve me as far as achieving happiness in my life. Overview of Companies This section describes the three companies that I’ve researched. House of Raeford House of Raeford is a company that processes poultry. The company is privately owned, but it is still one of the major processors in America. At House of Raeford Farms, a turkey can become a meatloaf, a pot roast, or a ham; a chicken can be transformed in fajitas, lunch meat, or a breaded dog-on-a-stick (lexisnexis.com). House of Raeford distributes chicken throughout the United States. Zaxby’s is one of the many places where you can enjoy House of Raeford chicken when you decide to eat out. House of Raeford head quarters are in Rose Hill, North Carolina, and they have a string of processing plants down the east coast. Cargill Cargill is a huge privately owned company that processes and distributes grain throughout the world to make loads of different products. Their primary line of business is soybean products
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(referenceusa.com). Cargill is in 67 different countries, and it employs over 160,000 people (Cargill.com). According to their website, Cargill works with the farmer very often by helping with grain marketing, crop protection, silo management, special growing programs, and agronomy advisory services. They grossed 3.95 billion dollars in 2008 alone (Cargill.com). Nash Johnson and Sons Farms Nash Johnson and Sons Farms focuses on the farming side of poultry processing. They are part of a co-op with House of Raeford, and they raise the chickens that House of Raeford processes.
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