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Assignment Guidelines - M E M O R A N D U M _ To: English...

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M E M O R A N D U M ___________________________________________________ To: English 331 online students From: Beryl Pittman BP Date: January 30, 2011 Subj: Informative presentation assignment – Please check out the activity that accompanies this assignment (Activity 3, posted under Unit 2) Presentation due 2/8 by 11p (Forum) As an online course, we can’t quite recreate the presentation assignment, but there’s still good opportunity for you to acquire important skills, such as designing effective slides and learning to select material strategically. You’ll even get a chance to enjoy asking and answering questions! The purpose of this memo is to explain how to prepare and post your presentation as well as how to participate in questions and answers (Q&A). Please note Activity Three, which is a prerequisite to the assignment; it provides some great examples of how not to present as well as strategies for a strong, audience-oriented presentation. What is the presentation about? The purpose of the presentation is to provide information to your classmates about one of the organizations (school, company, military – whatever) that you researched for the career assessment so that they will know if they might be interested in this organization, too. Your purpose is not to persuade them that they’d love becoming part of the organization or why it’s a great fit for you. Be absolutely sure to describe the opportunities available to the greatest variety possible of majors in the class. Choose one of the three organizations that you used in the career assessment and, knowing that you must be selective, share information that you think your classmates would find interesting and useful. We are still under the umbrella of informing a known audience, but we’ve upped the ante a bit, because you represent a variety of majors and you’ve probably never
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Assignment Guidelines - M E M O R A N D U M _ To: English...

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