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Presentation Activity due 2/3, 11p, [email protected] no credit for responses sent elsewhere First, the “work:” Please read the Listeners’ Bill of Rights – very similar to the Readers’ Bill of Rights that you came up with earlier in terms of thinking about what you want when you’re part of an audience. But listeners have very different needs in some critical areas and you as a speaker have one opportunity to meet those needs whereas a writer can have many more. The Listeners’ Bill o f Rights is posted under the Starter Kit link. Then take a look at Guy Kawasaki’s 10 -20-30 rule at . In case you haven’t heard of Guy, he got his start with Apple back in the early 80s and has enjoyed a number of successful start-ups since. He makes lots of presentations on entrepreneurship and has written a really good book called “The Art of the Start,” in case you’re interested in making your first million before you’re 30.
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DEpresentation_activity_331spr11 - Presentation Activity...

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