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A word to the wise....

A word to the wise.... - the course of action not part of...

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The Voice of Experience says…. Foundation Memo Here are the typical problems of foundation memos: presenting an idea with too broad a scope (rarely too narrow it really doesn’t take much for 8-10 pages!); failing to put yourself in an organization (you cannot be the Lone Ranger and successfully develop the Project Leadership section); choosing a topic that isn’t action - oriented (you can’t just propose what to do; you’ve got to include how to do it); and confusing the secondary audience with the stakeholders (stakeholders are affected by
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Unformatted text preview: the course of action, not part of the decision-making process) Proposal Here’s what gives folks the biggest headache: Starting to write where the reader starts to read. It just doesn’t work! Let the last sections you write be the Summary, Recommendation, Letter (or memo) of transmittal, Executive Summary, and Introduction – in that order. Start with the Problem (Opportunity/Current Situation/Need – whatever’s appropriate for your topic). Or actually, you can jump in ‘most anywhere in the body....
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