Evaluative criteria -- foundation memo

Evaluative criteria -- foundation memo - choosing a topic...

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EVALUATIVE CRITERIA FOR FOUNDATION MEMO I am looking for evidence of effort and thoughtful detail in this assignment. A good grade here does not guarantee a good grade on the proposal, though it certainly makes it more likely. Conversely, it’s quite possible to do well on the proposal even if you’ve gotten off to a shaky start. If I ask you to let me know what you decide about a certain area that I question, then respond with a comment on the copy of the memo that you submitted. Not responding will af fect your grade. If I suggest going back to the drawing board, then you’ll need to do a new foundation memo; you’d need to think out a new scenario anyway, so this is time well spent. Here are the typical problems of foundation memos: presenting an idea with too broad a scope (rarely too narrow it really doesn’t take much for 8 pages!); failing to put yourself in an organization (you cannot be the Lone Ranger);
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Unformatted text preview: choosing a topic that isn’t action-oriented (you can’t just propose what to do; you’ve got to include how to do it); and confusing the secondary audience with the stakeholders (stakeholders are affected by the course of action, not part of the decision-making process). CONTENT Needs improvement OK Presented idea convincingly! Addressed assignment completely. Answered Questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. Kept intro short and sharply focused. Included goodwill in the conclusion. FORMATTING Needs improvement OK Easy to find your answers! Strong visual appeal. Used my questions as your Headings. Used correct memo format. Kept paragraphs short. Single-spaced within paragraphs; left a line-space between paragraphs MECHANICS and USAGE Needs improvement OK Do not detract from credibility! TONE and STYLE Needs improvement OK Well crafted! Professional but not stuffy. Easy to read....
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Evaluative criteria -- foundation memo - choosing a topic...

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