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INEN314 Homework #1 (Due 09/12) Question 1. [10 pts] Suppose that you are an instructor for a class and you would like to use an example to explain three main quality control (QC) techniques, i.e., acceptance sampling, statistical process control, and design of experiments. Let us consider quality control for a typing process in which a typist uses a typewriter to type on papers. The typing quality is measured by accuracy and cleanness. Please explain how the aforementioned three QC techniques will be applied to this example. You will only need to explain the QC process in a conceptual way, as I did in the class. For the technique of design of experiment, you do NOT need to come up with a specific design method. Rather you should try to think of a few factors that are potentially important to the typing quality. Of course, the answer to this question is not unique. Please follow common sense and make reasonable choices. Question 2. [10pts] (2.1) Go to the INTERNET or use the resources available to you, find at least three
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