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INEN314 Homework #5 (Due 10/10) Problems 1-2 are related to your experiments in Lab#5. You need to use the data collected from the Lab to finish this homework. 1. [10 pts] (Part 1 from in Lab #5). 1a) What do you think would be the most appropriate distribution to assume for x and y ? Why? 1b) Let µ x , y , σ x , and y denote the population mean and standard deviation of x and y . Calculate point estimates of μ x and μ y . Calculate the sample standard deviation of x and y . For the remaining parts of Problems 1 and 2, assume the population standard deviations (which you do not know) are equal to the sample standard deviations . 1c) Find a two-sided 95% confidence interval for x . Based on the confidence interval, do you think it is unlikely that x is equal to the target value 0? 1d) Find a lower one-sided 99% (not 95%) confidence interval for y . 2. [8 pts] (Part 2 from Lab #5). 2a) Assuming your data are normally distributed, what is the distribution of new x old x ? You can
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