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INEN314_HW_8 - INEN314 Homework#8(Due 11/09 1[8 pts Given...

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INEN314 Homework #8 (Due 11/09) 1. [8 pts] Given the in-control mean µ 0 and the process standard deviation σ (i.e., the standard deviation of individual observations), determine the UCL and LCL for an x-bar chart with the type I error of 0.001 and sample size of 4. Assume that a mean shift is 1.5 σ , what is the type II error under this mean shift? 2. [8 pts] Two decision rules are given here. Assume that they apply to a normally distributed quality characteristic, the control chart has three-sigma control limits, and the sample size is n = 5. Rule 1 : if one or more of the next seven samples yield values of the sample average that fall outside the control limits, conclude that the process is out of control.
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