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INEN314 Homework #9 (Due 11/14) The following problems are related to your experiments in Lab#8. You need to use the data collected from the Lab to finish this homework. 1. Use the data from Step 4 in your Lab #8, construct a control chart (x-bar chart and R chart) for 25 samples with a sample size of n =3, (a total of 75 recorded data) and a 3-sigma control limit. Show your procedure and necessary intermediate results, such as how to determine x µ , x σ and what are the values of the corresponding control limits. [5 pts] 2. Did you find any out of control data points? If you did, point out which one? Please also revise the control limits. Show the revised control limits and control charts. [4 pts] 3. Use the control chart you constructed in (2) to monitor the 5 samples you obtained in Step 5, how many out of control points you find? Inspect those out-of-control units, can you identify the reason why they are out of control (i.e., their flight time is significantly different)? [3 pts]
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