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INEN314_HW_10 - INEN314 Homework#10(Due 11/21 The following...

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INEN314 Homework #10 (Due 11/21) The following problems are related to your experiments in Lab#9. You need to use the data collected from the Lab to finish this homework. 1. Use the data from Step 4, how do you construct a control chart for an individual X control chart , i.e., n =1. How will you determine σ ˆ for n =1? Do NOT need to revise your control limits even if you find out-of-control condition. Same below . [4 pts] 2. Construct the X-bar chart and R chart for n =2, 5, 10. For n =2, use two consecutive data as a sample. The same logic applies to the cases with n =5 and n =10. When n varies, the total number of samples, i.e., the value of m , also varies. Obviously m =80/ n . When n =2, 5, and 10, m will be 40, 16, and 8, respectively. [5 pts] 3. Construct the X-bar and S chart for n =2, 5, 10, following the same way as you did in (2).
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