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INEN314_HW_11 - INEN314 Homework#11(Due 11/30 in class No...

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INEN314 Homework #11 (Due 11/30 in class; No late homework for this assignment will be accepted ) The following problems are related to your experiments in Lab#10. You need to use the data collected from the Lab to finish this homework. 1. Write down the total number of beads, that of the colored beads, and the population fraction of the colored beads p c. [1pts] Part 1. Use your data from the random sampling of 100 beads. 2. Based on your sampling, estimate the nonconforming fraction as c p ˆ . What is the standard deviation of c p ˆ ? Use a two-sided hypothesis test (with α = 0.05) to determine whether c p ˆ = p c . You will treat it as a normal distribution with variance is known (CASE I in your hypothesis test table). [5 pts] In the following problem, please treat the population fraction nonconforming known, and its value is c p ˆ from Part 1 . Part 2. Use your data from 25 samples of beads. 3. Construct a p-chart to monitor the 25 samples. Because you may have a variable sample size for each
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