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hwk6 - Homework 6 1 A factory with a single bottleneck...

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Homework 6 1. A factory with a single bottleneck workstation (having 9 identical machines) observed that on average each part waits for 1:92 minutes before being processed on a machine. Also it was found that parts arrived on average one every 0.1235 minutes, and it took on average 1 minute to process a part. Compute the average work-in-process, mean cycle time and the expected number of parts waiting to begin processing at the bottleneck workstation. 2. An assembly line consists of three stages with a single machine at each stage. Jobs arrive to the first stage one by one and randomly with an average of one every 30 seconds. After processing is completed the jobs get processed at the second stage and then the third stage before departing. The first-stage machine can process 3 jobs per minute, the second-stage machine can process 2.5 jobs per minute and the third-stage machine can process 2.25 jobs per minute. The average cycle times at stages 1, 2 and 3 were 1 minute, 2 minutes and 4 minutes respectively. What is the WIP for the entire assembly line and at each stage? On
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