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This article was directly related to our budget balancing exercise this week. Probably would have done a better job on the exercise, had I read this article first. According to this article, the compromise on the Bush tax cuts announced on Monday night, December 6, 2010, between President Obama and Republicans could cost between $600 billion and $800 billion if signed into law. Half of the measures in the package might be considered short-term stimulus, meaning they may add to the deficit for two more years, but could help maintain the economic recovery and help spur economic activity and job creation. In the tax cut exercise, I increased the tax on the rich, but in this proposed package, there would be Bush tax cuts for everyone for two years. I strongly oppose this measure. This tax cut would cost us tax payers $458B. You make more, you should pay more. Why do the rich always seem to want more and more? I did increase unemployment benefits by 10% in the exercise and this package is proposed to leave in
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