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Homework Set # 7 Due Date 09 -28- 05 Problem #1: What pressure drop is needed for pumping water at 20 C, through a pipe of 25 cm diameter and 1234 m length at the rate of 1.97 m 3 /s? The pipe is at the same elevation through out and contains four standard radius 90 0 elbows and two 45 0 elbows. The resistance of s standard radius 90 0 elbow is roughly equivalent to that offered by a pipe whose length is 32 diameters; a 45 0 elbow, 15 diameters. Problem #2: A hollow sphere, 5 mm in diameter, with a mass of 0.05 g, is released in a column of liquid and attains a terminal velocity of 0.5 cm/s. The liquid density is 0.9 g/cm 3 . The local gravitational acceleration is 980.7 cm/s 2 . The sphere is far enough from the containing wall so that their effect can be neglected. (a) Compute the drag force on the sphere in dynes
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Unformatted text preview: (b) Compute the friction factor (c) Determine the viscosity of the liquid in centipoises Problem #3: A horizontal tube with diameter 4 in. and length 5.5 ft is packed with glass spheres of diameter 1/16 in., and the void fraction is 0.41. Carbon dioxide is to be pumped through the tube at 300K, at which temperature its viscosity is known to be 1.495 10-4 g/cm-s. Assuming ideal gas, (a) What will be the mass flow rate through the column when the inlet and outlet pressures are 25 atm and 3 atm, respectively? (b) Prove that Darcy’s law could be applied for gas flow in a porous medium. Problem #4: In a calculation using the Blasius formula for turbulent flow in pipes, The Reynolds number used was too low by 4%. Calculate the resulting error in the friction factor....
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