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Homework Set # 12: Shell mass/molar balance for components in a multi- component system Due Date: 12-03-05 Problem #1: Recall the example of evaporation of component A contained in a test tube in the lecture note (or see section 18.2, 2 nd edition, 17.2, 1 st edition). (a) By neglecting the convective flux of component A, show that this leads to () 1 1 12 1 1 zz A AA A dx cD cD Nx xd z z z = = ⎛⎞ =− = ⎜⎟ −− ⎝⎠ A x (b) What error is made in the determination of D if the example 18.2-2 (or 17.2-2, 1 st edition) if the result in (a) is used? Problem #2: A droplet of liquid A, of radius r 1 , is suspended in a stream of gas B. We postulate that there is a spherical stagnant gas film of radius r 2 surrounding the droplet. The concentration of A in the gas phase is x
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