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Self Test 1 Kristen Lucas Started: August 2, 2009 1:30 PM Questions: 8 Finish Save All Help 1. ST1Q1 (Points: 10) In the laboratory a drug sample is considered a false positive if - a. No drug is identified even though it is present in the sample b. The sample is spiked with a standard solution of a known drug c. The sample is drug free d. The drug test responds the same way as another drug positive sample e. It tests positive for a particular drug and none is actually present Save Answer 2. ST1Q2 (Points: 10) When forensic samples are acquired for testing certain features must be recorded. Which of
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Unformatted text preview: the following parameters are important to note when recording details about the evidence? a. The wet or dry weight of the sample b. Any colors or odors c. The nature of the substance d. The number of packages or units of the substance e. All of the above Save Answer 3. ST1Q3 (Points: 10) Drugs compounds that are not chemically stable may be susceptible to - Page 1 of 1 Assessment 8/2/2009 .....
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