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Print Save to File Printable View of: Module 5: Article Tracking File: Overview Overview Module 5: Test Article Tracking Overview Each test article must be uniquely identified and must be tracked from the time it is collected until the time it is discarded, typically three years after the results are reported or a length of time specified by law. All test articles and reagents must be stored in a secure manner and must not be subject to contamination by other sources. Likewise, all records and data concerning these samples must be securely maintained. All reagents and other materials used in the analysis of the test article must be unambiguously characterized with respect to quality. The stability of the samples must be ensured both during storage and during analysis. The choice of laboratory information management systems, used to collect, analyze, and distribute data, is discussed. Objectives At the end of this module students should: Understand what factors are involved in choosing the correct equipment for a laboratory Ensure sample integrity Provide a chain of custody for each sample Ensure the quality of all critical reagents Ensure the stability of the samples during both storage and analysis Provide suitable, secure storage for the samples Purchase and maintain a computer tracking system Assignment Please note: The assignment is listed below and again on the final page of this module. You should consider the assignment questions as you read through the module content, then submit your assignment using the assignment submission form on the final page of this module. Describe the total chain of custody required for analyzing a blood sample collected from an individual accused of DUI. Page 1 of 12 Module 5: Article Tracking 8/2/2009 ..
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File: Chain of Custody Chain of Custody Module 5: Test Article Tracking Chain of Custody Most accreditation organizations mandate a secure chain of custody (manual or electronic) for every sample that is to be analyzed. EPA QA/G5 defines a chain of custody (COC) as "an unbroken trail of accountability that ensures the physical security of samples, data, and records" and provides a useful and comprehensive chain of custody checklist. (Reference: United States Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-98/018 EPA Guidance for Quality Assurance Project Plans EPA QA/G-5, February, 1998.) The FBI Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories and Convicted Offender DNA Databasing Laboratories require that the chain of custody record must include " the signature or initials of each individual receiving or transferring evidence, … the date for each transfer with a corresponding identifier which specifies each evidentiary item…." Page 2 of 12 Module 5: Article Tracking 8/2/2009
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labqaqcmod5 - Module 5: Article Tracking Page 1 of 12...

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