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Print Save to File Printable View of: Module 9: Final Report File: Overview Overview Module 9: The Final Report Overview Once all the samples are collected and analyzed, what does one do with the data? Raw data, by itself, is not always very informative. Statistics can be used to objectively evaluate the experimental results and determine their significance. Once statistical considerations have been taken into account, a final report is prepared for the person(s) or organization requesting the analyses. Although some customization for the ultimate user is inevitable, all final reports have many components in common. Objectives At the end of this module students should: Know the key components of the final report Understand the basic concepts of statistics that can be used in the data interpretation Understand the interrelationship between experimental design and the statistical interpretation of the data. Assignment Please note: The assignment is listed below and again on the final page of this module. You should consider the assignment questions as you read through the module content, then submit your assignment using the assignment submission form on the final page of this module. The following is a typical project that might be encountered in the laboratory: Write a brief outline for a final report on the study listed below. Considering the small amount of information presented to you, most of the information in your report will be fictional. You might consider the following questions: What and how many test subjects were used? What tests were used? What does your fictional data look like? What statistical methods did you use to interpret the data? Did difficulties occur? Remember that the first section of this module summarizes the information required in a final report. Two laboratories have analyzed cocaine levels in the same urine specimens using different methods. Are the results from the two laboratories equivalent? Page 1 of 12 Module 9: Final Report 8/2/2009 ..
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File: The Final Report Page Title Module 9: The Final Report The Final Report A final report serves several purposes. It summarizes the work that has been done and provides to interested parties information that might not otherwise be available (that is, not published in a refereed journal). Furthermore, it documents that the laboratory has indeed accomplished the task(s) for which it was funded. Reports are required to provide a record to the court of the results of forensic examinations. Although these reports do not generally have a specific format, apart from that specified by the agency preparing the report, certain inclusions are required by ISO 17025 and the FBI Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories and Convicted Offender DNA Databasing Laboratories. These requirements are discussed in the components of the report below. The format of a final report is, to some extent, determined by the type of project and by the end user of the
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labqaqcmod9 - Module 9 Final Report Page 1 of 12 Printable...

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