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Print Save to File Printable View of: Course Overview File: Welcome Welcome Module #: Course Overview Welcome Welcome to the University of Florida distance education program Principles of Forensic Science. This course is unlike traditionally taught classroom courses in that during this semester we're probably not going to meet face to face. But the great thing about distance education is we can draw on many resources not necessarily available in a classroom. The success of this class depends on how well we use the electronic communication tools available. These tools include the course bulletin board and email. We would like to see these tools used exhaustively throughout the course. Course Objectives This course has been developed to introduce students to the different disciplines of forensic science and show how they are applied to the examination of various types of evidence. At the completion of this course, students are expected to: Be familiar with the multidisciplinary nature of forensic science. Understand the approach to crime scene investigation. Be familiar with the collection and examination of latent prints. Understand microscopical techniques as they apply to trace evidence. Understand the abuse potential, recognition and analysis of drugs of abuse in both dosage forms and biological fluids. Be familiar with the examination of biological evidence including DNA. Understand the approach to firearm examination and comparison. Appreciate the procedures involved in death investigation. Topics The course is composed of twelve modules: Module 1: History and Nature of Forensic Science Module 2: Crime Scene Investigation Module 3: Latent Prints Module 4: Trace Evidence Module 5: Biological Evidence Module 6: Forensic DNA Analysis Module 7: Illicit Drugs Module 8: Forensic Toxicology Module 9: Firearms and Toolmarks Page 1 of 6 Course Overview 8/2/2009 ..
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File: Assignments - Communication - Grades Module 10: Death Investigation Module 11: Questioned Documents Module 12: Fire and Explosive Examination Assignments - Communication - Grades Module #: Course Overview Assignments Reading Assignments Recommended Reading: Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques, by Stuart H. James (Editor), Jon J. Nordby (Editor); Publisher: CRC Press; 2nd Edition (2005) ISBN: 0849327474. Students are also encouraged to find relevant sources of information in the UF ejournals or on the Internet. Required Materials: Students must comply with the UF Computer and Software Requirement. Getting Started To get started, briefly introduce yourself via the bulletin board then go to the first module. Read through the course content and any required reading listed in the module introduction. Once you are familiar with the material, complete the assignment. . Do not hesitate to contact your TA or instructor at any time if you
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