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Major Forms of Primate Society Solitary or Semi Solitary-Usually males because females normally have offspring with her. Mated Pairs-Monogamy-permanent bond between adult male and female for life. (Exclusive) Do not interact with other mated pairs. Pairs are territorial. Pair bond is a relationship of an adult male and adult female in a large group. Isolated One-Male Groups-Male is added. Female centered organization. Troops or Multi-male/Multi-Female-Most varied and has most sub groups.
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Unformatted text preview: ◦ Troops with one-male sub-groups: One Male/Multi-Female ◦ Terms: ▪ Polygamy-Multiple Partners ▪ Polyandry-One Female and more than one male ▪ Polygyny-One male and more then one female ▪ Polygynandrous-Everybody's mating with multiple partners. Home Range-Everything • Territory-Defended part of Home Range. (Personal Space) • Group in the territory has exclusive use of that area. Core Area-Where group or individual spends most of time...
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