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activity - ▪ Anemia-Iron defficiancy ▪ Rickets-Vitamin...

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Stature Long Bone Measurements Formula for Stature Physical Activity Arthritis Enlarged muscle attachments Biomechanics-Change in shape of bone because of repetitive activity. Horseback riding-bowed legs. Interpret marks on bones (lesions and fractures) Nutrition Lesions on Bones reflect poor nutrition
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Unformatted text preview: ▪ Anemia-Iron defficiancy ▪ Rickets-Vitamin D defficiancy. ▪ Scurvy-Vitamin C defficiancy- Usually in cranium ◦ Growth Arrest ▪ Enamel hypoplasia ▪ Harris Lines (bones) ◦ Short Stature ◦ Dental Disease (carious lesions) ◦ Tooth Loss ◦ Tooth Wear...
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