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Homo Erectus First found skull on island Java. Also Femus was found indicating upright bipedal walking. First discovered by Eugene Dubois in Java Fossils date from 1.8 – 0.3 mya Homo erectus in Africa (1.8 – 0.3 mya) African fossils dated to 1.8 – 0.3 mya Nariokotome skeleton An 80% complete skeleton Short arms, long legs
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Unformatted text preview: • Likely a young male • Would have stood 6 feet tall in adulthood • Cranial capacity over 900cc ▪ Bodo skull • Stone tool marks on the left cheek, eye orbit, and nasal bones ◦ Homo Habilis ▪ Stone Tools ▪ Home Basis hypothesis • Glynn Isaac ▪ Oldowan tools ▪ confined to Africa...
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