Final exam notes Q1

Final exam notes Q1 - 1815 – Louis XVIII Monarchist...

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Unformatted text preview: 1815 – Louis XVIII Monarchist: Orléanists, Legitimists (Bourbon), Ultras Charter: Ex: continued ways of the revolution and the republic, didn’t bring back old regime ideas Constitutional monarchist Restoration – bourbons coming back to power 100 days – Napoleon’s quick return to power, but taken out by other European powers Only certain men had the right to vote 1825 – Charles X *“Liberals”: François Guizot (“Enrichez-vous!”)- Ultras- old regime idea R adicals & Republicans: Jacobins, Adolphe Theirs, *Cornination – Took place in Riemes – old school More distribution of power, Refused the tri-color, replaced with old bourbon flag* Bonapartists: Louis Napoleon *1830 – July Revolution : Cause by the birth of a son to the duke, who was the son of Charles and added to the monarchist line *Position of the death penalty and provisions for church properties taken during the 1789 revolution Tri-color returned * Louis-Philippe, moderate, Citizen King Sots : Marxists, Jacobins (Sans-Culottes), * Orléanist Reformists (Louis Blanc), Utopians (Cabet & Fourier & Saint-Simon) Old aristocrat, crowned a humble way, king of the French, took responsibility of the nation...
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Final exam notes Q1 - 1815 – Louis XVIII Monarchist...

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