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Spring mini conference application answers

Spring mini conference application answers - I will also...

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First, I would like to go to conference because it's such great opportunity to meet new and greet new people with similar interest as myself in terms of RHC. I didn’t apply to the fall because I thought it was not worth it, but encouragement from my peers and advisor in addition videos I have seen online has influence my decision. I have been waiting impatiently for spring conference application to come. I feel this is a great opportunities to enhance my creativity skills for developing more diverse and exciting new programs. This conference will allow the students to share and collaborate on ideas and their pros and cons. The skills I will bring to the delegation are creative programing ideas, my opinion on different programs and I will bring my ears to listen to others and their ideas.
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Unformatted text preview: I will also have a notebook to record all the difference. Despite, not being the greatest writer, I am pretty good at public speaking and am always willing to present. My definition of spirit is becoming excited and enthusiastic about something that one is passionate about. If I was given the opportunity to go to conference, WPI RHC will benefit from my attendance because I would represent WPI to the best of my ability and come back with numerous programing ideas from others. The key topic I will learn I feel is how to develop all these new and exciting programs that work. I would be obligated to take what I have learned from the conference and apply it to my residence hall and RHC @WPI altogether....
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