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Resampling statistical toolkit ------------------------------ This package contains a set of functions for inferiential statistics using resampling methods. Data are organized into arrays so multiple tests can be run at once. This package is part of the EEGLAB public software for electro-encephalography analysis and is distributed under the GNU GPL license. Requirements ------------ Matlab is required. For parametric statistics, the statistics Matlab toolbox is required, although it is not required for resampling methods. Quickstart ---------- Compute a paired t-test between 10 subjects in 2 conditions for a time (100 points) x electrode (64 electrodes) design. cond1 = rand(100,64,10); % the last dimension contains 10 subjects cond2 = rand(100,64,10)+0.2; [t df p] = statcond({ cond1 cond2 }); % parametric test (uses statistic toolbox) [t df p] = statcond({ cond1 cond2 }, 'mode', 'bootstrap', 'naccu', 1000); % bootstrap [t df p] = statcond({ cond1 cond2 }, 'mode', 'perm', 'naccu', 1000); % permunation
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