Test 3 Notes - Teams are like geese Interdependent members...

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Teams are like geese Interdependent members More efficient working together Not always the same leader Support each other Support the leader Group Team Complementary skills Common purpose Mutually accountable Sources of Process Losses Status effects-early infer status based on what you see Groupthink Abilene paradox: situation in which a group of people collectively decide on a course of action no one wants to do P 425 Know the Practical Action Box Managing Team Conflict Avoidance Domination Accommodation Compromise Collaboration Characteristics of successful teams Commitment to a common purpose Common understanding of how to achieve their purpose
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Manager’s Role Get everyone involves Ask the right questions Find the right balance How does leadership dffer from management Manager: person whose influence on others is based on the appointed managerial authority of their position Leader: person with personal power who can influence others beyond that associated with their formal authority alone. Types of power Power of the position: legitimate, reward, coercive Power of the person: expert, referent, leadership Referent power: power associated with personality Research of leadership Traits Behaviors- task or people focus Situations Make People Feel Important Know a person’s name Show sincere appreciation Ask Instead of Order Charisma A special quality of personality that inspires allegiance and devotion Personal magnetism or charm that inspires fascination Transformational Leadership Enthusiastically and effectively communicate their vision to others
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Test 3 Notes - Teams are like geese Interdependent members...

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