Business Law Test 1 Review

Business Law Test 1 Review - Lanham act Literal false...

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Virginia does not have a dram shop act. Exceptions for trespassing: Philosophy of law- positivism, realism, natural Common law- Know how to get to federal: Subject matter jurisdiction: federal question or diversity Referencing a case: case name? where its from? First number is volume, 2 nd number is reporter, 3 rd is page ADR: negotiation, arbitration (binding, non), Pre suit, pre trial (know the different discovery techniques) Voir dire- select jury Torts: Intentional: Negligence: Battery-needs offensive contact! Trespass-attractive nuisance doctrine Compensatory and punitive damages: Tortuous interference w/ a contract and prospective advantage: Week 4 privacy:
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Unformatted text preview: Lanham act Literal false statements, puffery Most questions from negligence: duty, breach, negligence, and harm. Negligence and respre per se Contributory negligence: 1% liable can’t bring action. (VIRGINIA) comparative: if 99% Know if VA is a contributory negligence or comparative Strict liability: no matter what you do you are still liable Strict product liability and product liability: if defendant had a duty or not. 3 negligence product liability (negligent design, negligent manufacturing, failure to warn) Don’t worry about you be the judge cases. Know the exam strategies from the book and the questions on the powerpoint slides....
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Business Law Test 1 Review - Lanham act Literal false...

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