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Microsoft Excel 12.0 Answer Report Worksheet: [Book1]Sheet1 Report Created: 10/12/2010 3:24:14 PM Target Cell (Max) Cell Name Original Value Final Value $B$17 total profit <= $0.00 $159,000.00 Adjustable Cells Cell Name Original Value Final Value $B$9 charlotte st. louis 0 0 $C$9 charlotte atlanta 0 30 $D$9 charlotte new york 0 0 $B$10 memphis st. louis 0 30 $C$10 memphis atlanta 0 0 $D$10 memphis new york 0 0 $B$11 louisville st. louis 0 0 $C$11 louisville atlanta 0 0 $D$11 louisville new york 0 30 Constraints Cell Name Cell Value Formula Status Slack $E$9 charlotte trucks used 30 $E$9<=$G$9 Binding 0 $E$10 memphis trucks used 30 $E$10<=$G$10 Binding 0 $E$11 louisville trucks used 30 $E$11<=$G$11 Binding 0 $B$12 total trucks st. louis 30 $B$12<=$B$14 Not Binding 10 $C$12 total trucks atlanta 30 $C$12<=$C$14 Not Binding 30 $D$12 total trucks new york 30 $D$12<=$D$14 Not Binding 20 $B$9 charlotte st. louis 0 $B$9=integer Binding 0 $C$9 charlotte atlanta 30 $C$9=integer Binding
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Copy of C6p26 - MicrosoftExcel12.0AnswerReport...

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