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Quiz Three Study Guide - HTM 2454 The following is a general guide that will provide some direction and guidance in your studying for Quiz Three, chapters 10-13. Please contact me if you have any questions (via the Chat Room, of course)! Chapter 10 268 Cultural tourism – define and describe its purpose- covers all aspects of of travel whereby people learn about each other’s way of life and thought. The channels through which a country a country presents itself. 270 Life-seeing tourism – define, the basics, examples-A structured local program arranges evening visits to local homes by tourists, a plan whereby interested tourists are accommodated for a few days in local homes. Purposeful activities that match travelers interests. Physician visiting physician, social intercourse. 280-Other Tourist Appeals- romance, fine arts, music and dance, handicraft Social and Cultural Elements contributing to the attractiveness of a tourism region (Fig 10.1) 269
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  • Cultural tourism, Dark Tourism- attractions, local program arranges, tourism – define, homes. Purposeful activities

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