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Test 1 things to remember - When you have a line that goes...

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When you have a line that goes steady 3then spikes: find the slope of the second line by doing TC=y- int+3v. Look at where the graph changes and use those numbers to find y-intercept P bar=total # of defects/total # of observations Z=# of standard deviations N=sample size (each day 100 jeans are sampled for 20 days) n=100 C bar=total # of defects/number of samples When LCL is negative set equal to zero X bar-uses mean, median, or mode R uses range (amt of dispersion) Range=largest-smallest Mean=sum/# summed R bar= sum of ranges/number of ranges summed When finding D4 or D3 the N is the number of observations per samples (not number of samples)
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