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Textbook Notes Test 3 - Chapter 18 Integrated Marketing...

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Chapter 18 – Integrated Marketing Communications Promotional element: consists of communication tools, including advertising, personal selling, sales promo, pr, and direct marketing. Make up the promotional mix Integrated marketing communications: concept of designing marketing communications programs that coordinate all promotional activities (ads, celling, sales, pr, and direct marketing) Response: impact the message had on the receive Feedback: sender’s interpretations of the response. Personal selling: 2-way flow of communication between a buyers and seller designed to influence a persons decisions Sales promotion: short-term inducement of value offered to arouse interest in buying a good or service. Direct marketing: direct comm w/ consumers to generate response in the form or a order, a request for futhers information, or a visit to a retail outlet. Product life cycle: intro to inform, growth to persuade, maturity to remind, decline phase out The more complex the product more emphasis on personal selling Push strategy: directing the promotional mix to channel members to gain their cooperation in ordering and stocking the product Pull strategy: directing promotional mix at ultimate consumers to encourage them to ask the retailer for a product. Hierarchy of effects-sequence of stages a prospective buyer goes through from intial awanesss to eventual action. Percentage of sales budget: funds are allocated to promotion as a percentage of past or anticipated sales, in terms of either dollars or units sold. Competitive parity budgeting: matching of competitors absolute level of spending or the proportion per point of market share. All-you-can-afford: money for promotion is issued after all budget items are covered.
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Textbook Notes Test 3 - Chapter 18 Integrated Marketing...

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