KIC000001 - MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative...

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Unformatted text preview: MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) When a bimetallic strip is heated, the strip wilJ bend toward the side 1.) _C __ A) with the higher temperature. ~ with the lower temperature. (!;)with the smaller coefficient of linear expansion. 0) with the larger coefficient of linear expansion. E) depends of the method of heating 2) A weather balloon contains 12.0 m 3 of hydrogen gas when it is released from a location at which 2) _B __ the temperature is 22C and the pressure is 101 kPa. It rises to a location where the temperature is-30C and the pressure is 20 kPa. H the balloon is free to expand so that the pressure of the gas inside is equal 10 the am ient pressure, what is the new volume of the balloon? A) 82.6 m 3 B 49.9 m 3 C) 2.38 m 3 D) 14.0 m 3 E) 4.16 m 3 H +- 213 ,_\ S ~ 2~ 1, I '::> B) 187 K C) 46 K I PHY 220 Classical Physics Il Chapter 17-20 test Al Summer 2011 Name-lI.f'C i 1Boo< ..;\..,.,'CJ= \S~__ , 3) Converl14C to K. A) lOOK 0) 474K (@287K 4) Th~umber of molecules in one mole of a substance is the same for all substances. ) depends on the atomic weight of the substance. C) depends on the molecular Weight of the substance. D) depends on the density of the substance. E) depends on the temperature of the substance, @A gas consists of particles of ~ 3.00 x 10- 26 kg. What is the pressure in a gas of these particles if there are 2.00 x 1025 particles per cubic meter of gas and the rms speed of the particles is 400 m/s? A) 1.01 x UP N/m 2 B) 4.80 x 10 4 N/m 2 ~1.60 x 104 N/m 2 t!l3.20 x 104 N/m 2 E) 9.60 x 104 N/m 2 6) What is the mean free path for the molecules in an ideal gas when the pressure is 100 kPa and the temperature is 300 K given thai the collision cross-section for the molecules of thai gas is 2.0 x 10- 20 m 2 ? Boltzmann's constant is k = 1.38 x 10- 23 JIK....
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KIC000001 - MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative...

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