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@""I vJ: A \...l- 'f'(\,~ w~1 V16~ Final Exam A4 ~HY 220 Classical Physics ITSummer 2011 dJ'iI t se~ ra~ (1) Sa' ~ Name MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) The coefficient of volume expansion of olive oil is 0.68. 10- 3 x-t. A f-Iiter glass beaker is filled to the brim with olive oil at room temperature. The beaker is placed on a range and the temperature of the oil and beaker increases by 25 CO. As a result, 0.0167 liters of olive oil spill over the top of the beaker. What is the coefficient of linear expansion of glass? A) 2 • 10- 5 K-l ~ '10-5K-l ) x 10-6 x-t t , 10-6 x-i E) 1 • 10-5 K-l 2) Water at room temperature of 20.0'C is poured into an aluminum cylinder which has graduation markings etched on the inside. The reading in the graduations is 300.0 cc. The cylinder with the water in it is then immersed in a constant temperature bath at a temperature of 100'C. What is the reading for the level of water on the graduations
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