biol3000 syllabi - SYLLABUS GENE (BIOL) 3000 Meets...

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1 SYLLABUS GENE (BIOL) 3000 Meets Tuesday/Thursdays 11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. C127 Davison Life Sciences Complex 1) FACULTY Dr. Daniel Promislow Dr. John Wares C214 Davison Life Sciences C328 Davison Life Sciences Office hours: By appointment Office hours: By appointment 2) TEACHING ASSISTANTS Ms. Katie Bockrath Ms. Cheryl Pinzone C328 Davison Life Sciences C226 Davison Life Sciences 3) COURSE DESCRIPTION AND PREREQUISITES An introduction to biological evolution, from the level of genes to species. The prerequisite for this course is BIOL 1108 or its equivalent. You should have a firm grasp of Mendelian genetics and understand basic concepts of molecular genetics and biochemistry. Since evolutionary biology has a substantial mathematical component, you should feel comfortable with algebra. 4) COURSE OBJECTIVES AND EXPECTED LEARNING OUTCOMES Evolution is the major organizing principle of all the life sciences. The field of evolutionary biology is an active one, with applications in agriculture, medicine, conservation, computer science, and industry. Darwin’s description of evolution by natural selection is one of the key intellectual achievements of humanity and all educated people should understand its basic concepts. The course goals are: to introduce you to the principles of evolutionary biology, including population genetics and macroevolution; to demonstrate the application of evolution to other fields through the use of case studies; to help you understand the mathematical underpinnings of evolution through practice; to have you understand the four basic evolutionary forces; and, to appreciate the processes that led to the generation of earth’s biodiversity. 5) REQUIRED BOOKS (In bookstore under GENE 3000) S. Freeman and J.C. Herron 2007. Evolutionary Analysis, 4 th Edition . Prentice Hall. 6) ECOMMONS The course website is at Go to BIOL3000 (Promislow, Wares). You will find the lecture schedule and syllabus, lecture notes, sample exams, answer keys, grades and an electronic bulletin board on the website. 7) DISCUSSION SECTIONS
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biol3000 syllabi - SYLLABUS GENE (BIOL) 3000 Meets...

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