GENE3000Schedule(1) - 24-Nov-11 Thanksgiving Break DP...

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Date Topic JW 16-Aug-11 Variation JW 18-Aug-11 What is a population? JW 23-Aug-11 Heritability JW 25-Aug-11 Mutations, Diversity JW 30-Aug-11 Variation in the Wild JW 1-Sep-11 Mendelian Genetics JW 6-Sep-11 Selection JW 8-Sep-11 Exam 1 JW 13-Sep-11 Migration and Drift JW 15-Sep-11 Linkage and Sex JW 20-Sep-11 Quantitative Genetics JW 22-Sep-11 Adaptation JW 27-Sep-11 Sexual Selection JW 29-Sep-11 Kin Selection JW 4-Oct-11TBA JW 6-Oct-11 Midterm DP 11-Oct-11 Conflict DP 13-Oct-11 Coevolution DP 18-Oct-11 Life history I DP 20-Oct-11 Life history II DP 25-Oct-11 Phylogeny I DP 27-Oct-11 Phylogeny II DP 1-Nov-11 Evolutionary Medicine DP 3-Nov-11 Exam 3 DP 8-Nov-11 Species concepts DP 10-Nov-11 Speciation DP 15-Nov-11 Biogeography DP 17-Nov-11 History of life, fossils, biodiversity 22-Nov-11 Thanksgiving Break
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Unformatted text preview: 24-Nov-11 Thanksgiving Break DP 29-Nov-11 Biodiversity/Extinction DP 1-Dec-11 Development and Evolution DP 6-Dec-11 No class DP 8-Dec-11 Final exam period, 12-1:15 p.m. Notes Read Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 5 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 6 in class Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11; DP in Frankfurt Chapter 12; Rosh Hashanah microevolution wrap-up in class Ch. 12:467-471, 473 Ch. 10:365-371 Ch. 13 Ch. 13; Withdrawal deadline Ch. 4, Ch. 2:50-62 Ch. 4; Fall break starts 10/28 Ch. 14 in class Ch. 16 Ch. 16 Ch. 4:133-134 Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Ch. 18:709-720 Ch. 19 Friday class schedule TBA Ch. 2:44-49; 17:639-650, 663-672; 18:689-709...
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GENE3000Schedule(1) - 24-Nov-11 Thanksgiving Break DP...

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