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Cash dividends - Cash - Retained earnings. I Stock dividends and stock splits 2 / Ownership stays the same, but % shares increases. 2 to 1, 3 to I (No journal entries on stock splits) Treasury stock 1 / Issued shares = Outstanding shares + Treasury shares. Statement of cash flows I / Operating cash flows, investing, finance **** Financial Statement Questions: Ratios: calculation and interpretation Know calculations for these Interpretation
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Unformatted text preview: **** 12 % change in an account VI- VO /VO I Net vs. gross values Multi-step income statement. I Location of financial statement items 3 / Income / Balance / Retained Earnings / Cash Flows * ** * " Stockholders' equity / Balance sheet / 3 Statement of cash flows / ***** 4 Tax rate {T)(IBT) (1-T)(IBT) NI = IBT-IBT(T) _1 Total financial statement questions...
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