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KIC000075 - s-Conststency(time-series analysis SoY-u...

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~ Disclosure Process *" ;.. Press releases are usually released where earnings are first announced. ;..Annual report is audited and released annually. Also file form 10K with SEC giving more detailed information on business. )- Quarterly statements that are unaudited (usually income only) and SEC quarterly reports - Form lOQ - are issued. ;.. Form 8K is required to be filed anytime a major event transpires. >- Many online sites contain investor information (e.g., Yahoo!Finance.com) ;,t'Summary of Annual Report Contents ~ };> 5- or lO-year summary of financial data ~ MD&A - Bili~td :> Management report on internal control >- Auditor's report s-The 4 basic financial statements (comparative) :> Footnotes (notes) to the statements >- Recent stock price infonnation :> Unaudited quarterly data :> List of directors, officers, and relevant addresses 8 * Qualitative Characteristics of Accounting ~ Information )i>Comparability (cross-sectional analysis) 6i~~ ~c:I'f\fMi.L.~ ~ 1't>'''>C ,<\ -b\""V
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Unformatted text preview: s-Conststency (time-series analysis) SoY-u. . Covfl~OS:'f' ch~1:. 'POInts I" -\;::.\~ A,"2S4 9 Clu.p,5 Chop. 5 Jl)(),QCl~nt ,'b6lfiSlbn a.od AOClh,66 -IYlmf\'-- _ • • • • • • cIti:lt r-~~~)ty PPH (_I CJp "'"'I-Tn 't~I':: .f,n m"", \ (·This model leads us to our first ratio analysis Basic Business Model >-Obtain financing >-Invest in assets »Generate revenues >-Produce net income to Ratio Analysis I. Debt-to-assets ratio DTA ~ Total Liabilitie_~S L. I Total Assets ~ 'OS 2. Asset turnover ratio ATO ~ Total Sales Revenue""::IS Average Total Asset*85 3. Net profit margin ratio NPM ~ Net Income IS Total Sales Revenue JS ('el'> +{:~) 1.1-( .<J,)i2. A'Cl2l ol 11 O\ap.5 CiPp.l ])-rA~-s tnlanCt6 JJ'oWVtlj bTA).? 1&fl.,Vj debt bOOM 103 (h~ risk) .... Z>1L.L:.A=L. ..:. .. 'S. ...<. ...-.L.lJherA'""'f'-l'y_-e. .... ~t tJrhrl j fj \...
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KIC000075 - s-Conststency(time-series analysis SoY-u...

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