KIC000090 - Name(please printh Accounting 284 Exam 1 Clem...

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Unformatted text preview: Name (please printh Accounting 284 Exam 1.- Clem Spring 2009 J I )u±1"'- \-'0\ W\ Signatur~-1tJ",-- Go'?}') .0.1 ) Row # tv Please circle your class time: ection A) TR 11:00-12:20 (Section B) Exam Instructions: 1. Use a number 2 pencil to complete the answer sheet. 2. BE SURE YOUR NAME AND 9 NUMBER UNIVERSITY In are on the answer sheet. Only put your name on the exam. 3. There are 30 questions on the exam. Make sure you have 30 questions and that you answer them all. 4. You need to circle the answers ON YOUR EXAM as well as filling them out on the answer sheet. You will not get the answer sheet back. 5. When you finish the exam, please bring it to the front of the room with your answer sheet and your photo ro, along with rest of your personal belongings. Plan to leave the room without returning to your seat. , Acct 284 - Clem Exam 1- Spring 2009 Page 1 1. Which financial statement shows the financial position of a business as of a given date? ['At balance sheet. W incomestatement. (C), statement of cash flows. b ) statement of retainedearnings. 2. The accounts payable account has a beginning balance of $1,000 and we purchased $3,000 of inventory on credit during the month. The ending balance was $800. How much did we pay our creditors during the month? A) $2,800 B) $3,000 (e)\ $3,200 D ) $3,800 3. Adjusting entries NEVER include A) prepaid expenses. B) interest payable. C) unearned revenue. ® cash. 4. Anna Inc. had the following items reported on its most recent financial statements Total revenues $500,000 Dividends $ 10,000 Total assets $425,000 Total liabilities $125,000 Total contributed capital.. $100,000 Beginning retained earnings $140,000 5. IA =" [L-'j-'St E P.t. : 'DRt + N1 - fJ N " \::'~ - 1::- t.t- '-\2S,I>OC> -- \ 'L'S ,f.>MJ-t- (\\Cfi'l't-f2,c.) !'::f::i)r;CO-:0 . I co 100C>+G What total expenses were reported by Anna for the year? 'LOOPCO = Rc A ) $155,000 CJ,~ L~'SE: ~ N != R-6 0 .,[[ B) $275,000 RE = fit;-r '"- C) $310,000 , rm $430 000 ~z<,= \'t""" 'lu o ' ~ N t= .1:X)-f I<JDr(9.iJ-t.)-/iJ So 2Do Rf ~ 1801-(5/.)1)"6) On January 1,2005, Thomas Company pai~I,OOO tor a two-yea9 insurance policy on the plant....
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This note was uploaded on 09/01/2011 for the course ACCT 284 taught by Professor Clem during the Fall '08 term at Iowa State.

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KIC000090 - Name(please printh Accounting 284 Exam 1 Clem...

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