KIC000036 - summer internship:. Northwestern Mutual,...

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summer internship:. Northwestern Mutual, Berkshire Hathaway and Goldman . Sachs, ,all of which are top 10 internships in the finance industry. Connective (Internal Preview): NoVliwe can discuss a plan to improve upon-the current situation by changing.a small part of graduation requirements for each major. ',. III. To improve the situation for recent graduates, colleges should require an internship before graduation. a. Some programs at Iowa State already do this for specific majors i. Apparel, Merchandising and Design Majors 1. According to the curriculum requirements for Apparel, Merchandising and Design for Iowa State University, students are required to have an internship before graduating. '2. The place where the internship hap'pensm'ust havs'exlsted for S years 3. According to Michelle Klas, a Junior in Apparel and Merchandising, an internship must last for at least 12 weeks and a minimum of 120 hours worked minimum. .. ,> ii. Early Childhood Education Majors 1. Required to do 16 credit
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KIC000036 - summer internship:. Northwestern Mutual,...

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